Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Who am I?
I am one among the thousands of Software Professionals in the IT industry, trying to do what I really like doing. And at the moment I like .Net so am working in it as much as possible (?)... Don't ask how much that means... or how much it pays (It doesn't pay well believe me.. Just kiddin??)

What did I do?
I worked in .Net since December 2001 ( Beta release) and am still working in it. Lots of things I learnt lots unlearned. Just started realizing that there is no end, that many of us who claim to be knowing .Net really know very little of it... But interstingly of whatever little I knew I tried to share as well and did some community activities related to .Net too.

What community activities am I talking about?
Along with Anand M (Microsoft MVP .Net) and other group of friends, started working on a User Group in India called "Chennai .Net Users Group(CNUG)". We started with handful of people and today we are above 1350 in just over an year. Well the group does talk a lot about .Net (CNUG). By the time the group has matured and has caught momentum I came to US (from India, incase you haven't guessed!) for my professional needs, but I am working on a User Group here as well called .Net-Bloomington Users Group (.Net-BUG). Hope to see that also grow sometime.

Why community activities?
Coz there is never one way transaction in teaching/learning. Many a times a student teaches and the teacher learns and visa a versa is anyways true. By trying to give back to the community, does give back a lot in return. You keep learning on topics and subjects which you would probably never work on. I should say the groups and presentations and trainings I have ever attended or given, always made me feel that I was the beneficiary.

What other stuff I do?
I am involved in other activities on newsgroups and usergroups and I also intend to carry out other techincally related stuff. I was also awarded Microsoft's MVP Award. To know more about the award Click Here.

Why Blog?
Coz this is the way I can express myself to the world, to the community which matters to me. See you read it, one more step towards the goal...

What do I do other than work?
I love photograhy, travel, music, movies and swimming, I try that I devote some time to these activites too. I am in the process of expanding my horizons in photography. Though I haven't done anything, but whats harm in trying and blowing the trumpet, atleast out of sheer shame, I will do something.. What say??...

Vishal Joshi
Ph#: +1-309-310-1662.
If You Think YOU CAN.. You Can...

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