Friday, July 30, 2004

VJs Tip Of The Day - July 30th 2004

Global Asssembly Cache (GAC) & CLR

When your assembly is ready to go to GAC (implies you need to do some steps like strong name generation etc, before it can... :-) ) you can use Gacutil.exe provided by .Net Framework SDK to install your assembly into GAC...
Alternatively you can just drag and drop an assembly in "WINNT\ASSEMBLY" folder in your windows explorer; The CLR does run the Gacutil in the back-ground and so your assembly gets intstalled in the GAC...

PS: The weekend has nearly started so pardon this silly tip... Remember our mass movement: "No working on weekends... Do what you enjoy!!"... Btw, If you find me in office on weekends don't feel I am breaching the contract rather assume that: I enjoy work... :-)

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