Monday, October 04, 2004

VJs Tip Of The Day - October 4th 2004

Assembly.GetCallingAssembly() Method

GetCallingAssembly() is a static method of Assembly class. You can use this method within your class libraries to find out which assembly has actually made a call to your current assembly.
This method can be really useful in case you are doing Logging or tracing functionalities as you often would like to register who was the caller to your assembly. As GetCallingAssembly method returns an assembly to get a simple string format of the full name would be something like:


PS: I have started following a new little practice... Just before I go to sleep while lying in the bed, I spend just two-three minutes to talk to myself about how would I want my tomorrow to be... What can I do with given resources that would make it an ideal day, what are the tasks that I gotta do, what are ones which are out of scope... I do requirements gathering and project planning for my "Project Tomorrow" in these two-three minutes... Believe me its working well... Interesting enough it makes me wonder what good requirements gathering and project planning would do to software projects... :-)

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