Thursday, September 07, 2006

Mobility Exams - Beta Notification

We recently launched Developer as well as ITPRO Mobility Exams in Beta format... The live exam will be released within the next couple of months but till then you can start preping...:-)

Mobility Exams for ITPROs
Exam 70-500

Mobility Exams for Developers
Exam 70-540


Anonymous said...

This is the news that we're waiting for a long time. Thanks guys.

JuanDG said...

I took this exam today and it was a great exam, very comprehensive.
are we going to get carter member or early achiever credentials???

Vishal R Joshi said...

Unfortunately there will be no early achiever credential or something similar for these exams... Well, if I were you, I would personally add to my resume that I passed the exam during Beta phase and I guess the industry knows that Beta exams usually are longer and you answer way more questions correctly in order to pass them... In my opinion that is a further more proof of one's skills but officially there is no difference in credential, just that you get to take that exam for fre... :-)