Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Download logs for git push Azure master

When you git push to Azure there is a lot of diagnostic log and trace information is created.  This information is extremely useful for troubleshooting.  So if I was ever to face git push Azure master fail then looking into these is the first place I typically start.

What is also interesting is that since these log files belong to your site “only you (or your co-admin)” can access it.

Below is quick way to get to these files from Azure portal:

On your site dasboard on the right site you should notice “Quick Glance” section


scrolling to the bottom of that you will see Deployment Deployment User and Diagnostics Logs.


Click on the FTP link on the log and when you are asked for credentials enter fully qualified UserName i.e. SiteName\UserName

After doing that navigate to LogFiles/Git/trace/trace.xml


The trace.xml file contains tons of information regarding your git push azure master.  Even if you do not have any failures in your git push to Azure this is still a fascinating file to see as it gives you a ton of information of what is happening under the hood.

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