Monday, September 13, 2004

VJs Tip Of The Day - September 13th 2004

ToolTip in Windows

Well if you have been doing Web development for a long time in .Net now, if you switch to windows it would pretty much possible for you to search for the standard ToolTip property for all the controls and guess what you won't find it... :-) Windows UI is much more richer than web and so the windows controls try to leverage that... For this reason there is a special ToolTip control which is provided to you in the windows environment which you can associate with any of your controls...
Now what are some of its advantages the code below will tell you:

ToolTip vjsTip = new ToolTip();
vjsTip .InitialDelay = 1500;
vjsTip .ReshowDelay = 1000;
vjsTip .SetToolTip(this.txtZipCode, "You need to provide a zip code only if you are in US or Canada");

Similarly you also have GetToolTip() method... Well so go ahead and try explore more on the ToolTip control...

PS: Hope you all are doing fine!!...How did it feel when a forcible mail did not drop into your mailbox for so many days??... Good!!..Bad!!...Well, after giving you a small break, I am back again to bug you, make you take your pill daily... But if you do not like the pills then drop me a mail I will try that they don't reach you... Otherwise, the second season has begun... :-)

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