Thursday, September 30, 2004

VJs Tip Of The Day - September 30th 2004

Generating Proxies for WebServices

If you have created web services and wish to generate proxy classes for your webservices then there is a tool in VS.Net called "WSDL"... This tool will take the location of your .asmx file as a parameter and will dynamically generate proxy class for your web service.
There are various switches used by this class like for eg \l:vb will create the proxy class in vb; \o:C:\MyProxyClass.vb will create the proxy class at a particular location. There are many other options check out MSDN for further information. Click here

PS: I have got infected by new kind of psychological disorder... When I am working I look forward to having fun... When I am having fun I look forward to work... During weekdays I wait for weekends, during weekends I wait for Monday to come and rush back to work... I know such situations are called "Circular referencing" or "Cyclic dependencies" technically but I wonder what is psychological term... Pointers would be appreciated!!

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