Friday, February 01, 2008

MS Web Deployment Tool - Technical Preview Released

We recently released MS Web Deployment tool (msdeploy.exe)... This is really a very handy tool to manage migration and deployment for your IIS based applications and web servers...

At a very high level this tool can do one of the following things:

  1. Migrate IIS 6 applications & servers to IIS 7....
  2. Synchronize & take a snapshot you II6 or IIS7 web
  3. Analysis of installed IIS6 features
  4. Do whatif analysis of your product...

This tool can traverse through and take a snapshot of your IIS web or web server. While traversing this tool takes snapshots of following:

  • Registry settings
  • Directory & Files
  • GAC Assemblies
  • COM Objects
  • Web, root web, app host & machine config
  • Certificates

This information is then used to synchronize between servers... Interestingly I feel it is a great way to create a test or dev box snapshot... Well you can download and read lot more about the tool at the below email:

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