Wednesday, November 29, 2006

News about Vista, Exchange and Office Exams

With release of Vista, Exchange and Office new certifications associated with them are also announced... Check out few of the press releases for details...

Vista, Office, Exchange Certs on Track

Upcoming releases spur new certification exams

New Exchange exams likely to emphasize roles, security

Microsoft certification program to get a makeover

Also I would encourage interested people to attend the live meeting planned on December 6th 2007... To register Click Here

Microsoft Official Distance Learning (MODL) Announced

A cool new way of learning Microsoft Technologies has been announced recently... I have personally seen the experience and it is pretty exciting... A real world environment is created remotely and a student is tought as if he/she was working on that problem in his/her office...
All of this is done remotely so you do not need to travel far away to learn from the best Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCTs) in the world...

Check out these links

Lutz Ziob's video on MODL

Europe Annoucement

On IT News Online

On Playful'


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

VS 2005 Upgrade Questions V1

A Colleague sent a few interesting questions on VS 2005 Upgrades am answering them here for everyone...

Q. Can exam 554 be taken without 553 having already being taken and passed?
A. Yes, it can be… Order of taking the exam is recommended not enforced... Although you will not get the complete credential till you pass all the required exams...

Q. After 551 and 552 an MCAD requries the Distributed TS (529) and the Enterprise PRO certification (549) but these two are obtained when passing 554 are they not?
A.Yes they are covered in 554 but 554 is built considering MCSD curriculum so MCAD will not receive any credit for 554…