Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Web Deployment Painkillers: VS 2010 & MS Deploy

Last week I did a talk at the PDC 2009 and the talk is now available to view online live at


The abstract of the talk was “Learn about next generation of ASP.NET Web Deployment with tips & guidance on how you can reuse and extend the technologies available with VS 2010 to build a hassle free web deployment solution for your team. See how to use VS 2010 and MS Deploy to assist with with creating virtual directories in an automated fashion, setting up app pools correctly, uploading only the changed content, replicating servers in web farms, modifying Web.config files for testing/staging/pre-Prod/UAT/Production environments, setting up team build environment or deploying databases.”

Hope you will enjoy it!!


PS: Btw, the presentation deck is available to download at Web Deployment Painkillers… Feel free to use it the way you like…