Monday, September 28, 2009

Do you think building Web sites should be easier, faster and fun?

If you answered “Yes” then it might be interesting to you that there is an opportunity on our team for a person who has passion for making web development easier and exciting for everyone…

[NOTE: I have received a tons of resume already on this posting, thanks to everyone for sending your resume and showing interest… As there are several resumes to look into I will probably try to spend reasonable time over the weekend and respond whether the resume fits the needs of the job or not… Thanks again for your interest…]

This job posting is the unofficial job posting  describing a person whom I am looking to refer to my team to consider for an official job posting which exists somewhere on… :-)

Our team is chartered with building Web Developer Tools based on web standards and so we are looking for someone who knows HTML, CSS, JavaScript/AJAX…

We would love if this person knows PHP and/or ASP.NET too… If you know someone who loves building Web Sites and is passionate about web development technologies then please pass on the word…

The person will most likely have to relocate to Redmond, WA and would work as a Program Manager (PM) within Microsoft…  Considering that I am inviting folks who are not familiar with Microsoft jargons let me write couple of lines about being a PM… :-)

As a PM, this person will have to be the voice of The Web Developer, an advocate of the web developer to the rest of the team so that the right technologies can be created…

Before I joined Microsoft I use to be some species of a developer i.e. I wrote code almost everyday so being a PM worried me coz it felt like I will not be writing code anymore… Well that is not true, a PM typically needs to represent the customer, in this case the customer is a Web Developer so as a PM, this person should be able to behave like a Web Developer… In short, this person will have the liberty to be amongst the first people to try out new web developer tools & technologies and hence can code as much as he/she likes :-)

Now, many will start asking questions about how many years of experience does one need to have, how much salary will be given, how proficient should one be with Visual Studio and .NET, Is knowing ASP.NET or ASP.NET MVC important; well lot of that will depend upon the person and I do not have finite answers to any of these… !!

But,  at this point I just want to ask simple but important questions to the potential candidate…

  • Are you passionate about web development and have a vision of how it can be made much easier, faster and fun…?
  • Have you developed real world web sites which are up and running on the internet/intranet…?
  • Are you a person who believes in web developer community and contributes towards it in someway, may it be blog, open source code, forums, articles, books, twitter etc
  • Do you like speaking in front of a big audience at conferences and talk about the future of web development and doing coolest demos on web development?
  • Do you understand what are the gaps in web development today in PHP/ASP.NET and what needs to be done to fix those?

If you answered “Yes” to the questions above send me an email with your resume and some background about the above at or call me at +1-425-705-2031 and we can talk…


PS: Comments for this blog post have been closed, you can feel free to send me your questions/concerns directly via email…

Raghuraman & Amit – Although my email is already up there at various places but I still changed this based on your recommendation :-)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Overview Post for Web Deployment in VS 2010

In past few months I and my team have written several blog posts on VS 2010 Web Deployment features… In VS 2010 there was a lot of investment made in Web Deployment and over next few months we will be writing more on the subject…

Below is the list of all the posts for easy reference:

Overview of VS 2010 Web Deployment

Web Packaging (Put your web into a .zip file)

Web.Config Transformation (Change Web.Config files per deployment environment)

Database Deployment

Web Publishing (Push you web from one machine to another)

Tips & Tricks for Web Deployment


Hope you will enjoy the VS 2010 Web Deployment features…