Thursday, May 04, 2006

MCPD options for MCSD .Net

I was asked by one of our MCTs on what are the options for a MCSD .Net to become MCPD:Web Developer & MCPD:Windows Developer IF he/she has already taken 553 & 554 to get MCPD: Enterprise Application Developer

The answer is:
1.) Either take 551 & 552 to become MCPD in Web and Windows Development respectively
2.)Take 547 & 548 to achieve the same...

551 & 552 will cover TS as well as PRO contents of their respective track, where as 547 & 548 will cover only PRO content...

Which option to select depends upon your choice... Make a choice after looking at the Prep Guides of the exams on Exam Prep Guides


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for this clarification, really useful.
Please don't stop posts regarding certification's track and upgrades.
I think that actually many of us are a bit worried: with the coming out of these new exams, will be free to complete our actual certifications track (MCAD,MCSD,MCDBA etc) or Microsoft will close some exams? I hope not.
What about MS Dynamics certifications? Is there something new on the air? Can you post something about them? Thanks a lot for these news.

Varadarajan S said...

Hey Vishal,

Cool info.. Your blog is so informative and useful.

Keep up buddy!


Anonymous said...

Hi Vishal,

Any books for 70-528 exam? Also, would passing either of 70-528 or 70-536 earn a MCP status?


Anonymous said...

Hi Vishal,
Here is a response I go from MS help desk which contradicts your reply to the MCTs question.


> We value your time and interest in our New Certifications. We are
confirming that if you complete the required exams for the MCPD Enterprise Developer you will be certified in MCPD Web and MCPD Windows also.


Vishal R Joshi said... is the training kit for 70-528, it is coming soon... At this time any ASP.Net 2.0 book can get you started...

70-528 or 70-536 will not give MCP status... They count only towards MCTS and MCPD certs... No new generation exams provide MCP status...

Anonymous said...

MCSD for Microsoft .NET Certification