Friday, May 05, 2006

What happens to MCAD, MCSD, MCDBA?

Again this is one of the common queries which I keep getting... Please DO NOT be worried about MCAD, MCSD, MCDBA going away or their exams not being available... They are not going away...

If you are working on .Net 1.X or SQL 2000 you should still plan on pursuing MCAD, MCSD and/or MCDBA... Microsoft does not plan on retiring these certifications anytime soon... I mean to say that the certifications will not only be supported but also be available to take in parallel to MCTS, MCPD and MCITP...

Both these series of certifications will co-exist till .Net 1.X or SQL 2000 product's premium support is retired and as you all know MS will not retire the support for this products for years to come...

Although there is a likely possibility that our industry itself would start demanding more MCTS, MCPD and MCITP in time to come but then if your company works on .Net 1.X and SQL 2000 then MCAD, MCSD and MCDBA is still the right thing for you right!!...

Again boils down to your choice and reasons for taking cert but MS will support, value and keep both the series for now...


JuanDG said...

I understand MCAD and MCSD not going away, but what’s going to happen when .NET Framework v3.0 hits the street??? The market it’s going to ask for professionals certified in WCF, WPF, WF, etc. are those technologies going to be covered in the MCPD, MCTS scheme??? Will there be yet another new generation of dev certifications?? Specially, what’s going to happen with winforms and WPF?? It’s the MCPD Windows going to be enhanced with WPF?? Or we’re going to have MCPD Winforms and MCPD WPF?? I guess a lot of people are wandering the same thing.

Vishal R Joshi said...

We are trying to work out a solution that would satisfy the industry as well as candidates... Do not have enough knowledge to share now but will do so when we have a final answer to your question... Thanks for asking...

Anonymous said...

Personally, I hope the new 3.0 version will bring a whole new round of Betas and free launch event vouchers. These enable the cutting edge certified people to keep getting more qualified which helps them be distinctive from the rest of the developer market. The growth of the number of exams also enables employers to get a better idea of exactly what developers are qualified on. I also think the spin off of MCTS into specializations provides for a lot of different individual certification paths and perhaps the different .Net 3.0 technologies could also be classified as such.
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Anonymous said...

MCSD for Microsoft .NET Certification

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