Monday, March 03, 2008

On Demand Webcast : Visual Studio 2008 for Web Developers

VS 2008 brings a great deal of features for Web Developers...  As a part of VS 2008 launch I did a web cast on MSDN on Feb 26th 2008.  Below are few of the features that I did demos on, hope you will enjoy it:

  1. Multi-Targeting
  2. Split View & Nested Master pages
  3. CSS Features (Manage Styles, Apply Styles, CSS Properties & Summary)
  4. ASP.NET List View Control and Ajax
  5. Javascript Intellisense and Type inferencing
  6. Javascript Referencing & Commenting
  7. Calling Services (.asmx & .svc )from Javascript
  8. Javascript Debugging
  9. Web Deployment Projects (WDP) for VS 2008


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Morten Mertner said...

I see a lot of posts like this touting the many updates in VS 2008 for web developers. I simple cannot agree that VS is making any progress in this area. For details, please have a look at my top-10 VS 2008 rant here: