Thursday, April 15, 2010

Web Deployment Demos, Slides & Videos for VS 2010 launch

I have been dormant for ever, have been keeping busy on a very exciting project… Anyways April 12th 2010 was a big day with VS 2010 formally launching…  Few days back I asked Twitter whether people needed a ready made talk to talk about VS 2010 Web Deployment as part of the community launch events of VS 2010 and got a lot of asks for the content so here it is… 

Titles & Abstract I would recommend you do not use are below… :-)  The reason I say that is coz VS 2010 & Web Deploy are way more exciting than the way I present here; so get creative and make a fun abstract & title…  The only reason I have them descriptive is so that you know what are the key items to put in there…

Title: Web Deployment with VS 2010 & Web Deploy

Abstract: Web deployment is not as easy as it should be; whether you are deploying to a shared hosting environment or to your company’s web servers there are a lot of manual steps involved.  Check out how new VS 2010 and Web Deploy can help you deploy your web along with its dependencies like databases and IIS settings to any environment with just One Click Publish.  Also check out how  you can transport your entire web in a single .zip file and finally hear all about the web.staging.config, web.release.config etc  and the simple transformation syntax in them to create web.config per deployment configuration… Finally also learn how you can automate your Web Deployments using Team build so you no more have to worry about daily builds and setting up of environments…

Video:  Check out the video at, this should prep you up on what are the talking points…

Demos & Slides: You can download it from my SkyDrive

If you have any questions/thoughts on the content you can feel free to write comments here or reach me at @VishalRJoshi 

Hope this helps!!



Andrew Westgarth said...

Hi Vishal,
is it possible to download the xdt snippets you used at PDC from anywhere please?

Great session and series of blog posts.



Vishal R Joshi said...

Sorry for the delay I had comment moderation issue... :-(

Anyways snippets are at

Rob Gibbens said...

The Web Deployment system looks incredible. The one problem that I can't seem to find an answer to relates to CI scenarios (specifically using Team Build). Obviously, we don't want to create a custom CI build for each environment, but would prefer to have one CI build, and then at a later date decide to deploy it to any one of the environments (through command line, IIS, or GUI). It doesn't make sense to test one build in the QA environment, but deploy a different build to the production environment. Is there any way to accomplish this, or would we really need a build per environment? If it's a build per environment, that would be a complete showstopper for us.