Friday, April 16, 2010

Web Deployment Projects Released to Beta (WDP for VS 2010)


Our team recently released WDP for VS 2010… The key features to note for WDP for VS 2010 are:

  1. All the core features of WDP 2008
  2. Migration from WDP 2008 to WDP 201o
  3. Multi-Targeting support in WDP 2010
  4. Support Web Deploy Packages in the WDP project..

You can read more about the above features on our team blog at Visual Web Developer Team Blog

Download WDP 2010 Beta by clicking here!!

The guidance around using WDP 2010 is

  • Use it if you want to migrate to VS 2010 and are currently using WDP for VS 2008
  • Use it for TeamBuild/MSBuild based deployment of Web Site Projects in VS 2010…
  • Use them for Web Application Projects (WAPs) if you feel it is extremely important for you to pre-compile/merge your projects… If not then you can use Web Deployment features built into VS 2010

Hope this helps!!


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