Tuesday, August 10, 2004

VJs Tip Of The Day - August 10th 2004

Processing Transactions in .Net

.Net components do support transactions, the only thing is that you have to do some extra work to achieve the same... .Net framework supports two kind of transactions models
1.) Manual Transactions
2.) Automatic Transactions

Manual Tranactions is used in case of ADO.Net, message queuing etc... Automatic Transactions are available for ASP.Net, Web Services, .Net Components etc... .Net classes can also use the services of COM+ but they need to be registered with COM+ for doing so... We will talk more about Transactions in .Net in time to come...

PS: Is it a good idea to send in some code snippets in Tips?? If so do let me know, I do not want the tips to be cumbersome to read...

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