Monday, August 30, 2004

VJs Tip Of The Day - August 30th 2004

Maintaining State Across ASP.Net Pages - Continued 4

Due to the weekend you might have lost touch... In that case do browse through the previous tips on the blog site... The current mail is in continuation of previous tips...

There is a possibility of InvalidCastException, which may come in case of using properties with Server.Transfer... If you think for a while you can very easily conclude the possible causes...
1.) SecondPage is called from a page other than the FirstPage
2.) SecondPage is directly loaded
3.) SecondPage is called from any other page using response.redirect

In such a scenario do make sure that you catch this exception and ignore it...

PS: You know blogspot has provided search facility for the blogs... So now if you want to search some specific tip in my blog you can use that search facility and you will get the tip right over there... :-)

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