Thursday, August 26, 2004

VJs Tip Of The Day - August 26th 2004

Maintaining State Across ASP.Net Pages - Continued 2

Hi Folks,
I apologize for abruptly stopping the tips... I was not having any access to internet for the last few days... I am shifting to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to join in as a .Net System Architect in an MNC... I will remain busy during this transition but will ensure that I do not display this abrupt behavior again... The tips of Aug 23rd, 24th and 25th are up there on my blog site(Click Here) The current tip is in continuation of the previous tips so please do visit the site and catch up before you move ahead...

4.) Using Properties with Server.Transfer: Make your first page in such a way that you expose the required values in next page as properties in the first page... Then use Server.Transfer to go to the next page(keep the second parameter as false here, WHY SO WE WILL TALK TOMORROW)... Now in the next page using context handler you can get all the properties of the first page...

I am not writing the first page code as it is just simply adding values into properties and calling Server.Transfer and I believe you all know how to do that...


NextPage Code:

if(Context.Handler != null)
string strInternalVariableOfNextPage;
FirstPage objFirstPage = new FirstPage();
objFirstPage = (FirstPage)Context.Handler;
//Note that SomeValue is a public property of First Page
strInternalVariableOfNextPage = objFirstPage.SomeValue;
PS: I like receiving mails that blast me on not sending the tips... This keeps me motivated so thanks to all those who wrote in those mails...

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